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Professional Certifications

Certified System Professional (CSP)
Designation received - January 1985

Certified Computing Professional (CCP)
Designation received - January 1985

Certified Data Processor (CDP)
Designation received - May 1989

Information Systems Professional of Canada (ISP)
Designation received 11-May-1998

Education taken by Paul Wagner:
(In addition, there were many hours spent reading professional & technical literature,
 attending IT Staff meetings and attending Management meetings.)

1972 Introduction to Electronic Business Systems St. Clair College
1973 Computer Programming I St. Clair College
1973 Computer Programming II St. Clair College
1973 Advanced Programming II St. Clair College
1974 Operator Training (370) I.B.M. Canada
1974 Communications (3780) I.B.M. Canada
1975 Structured Programming University of Waterloo
1976 IMS Programming Univac Education Centre
1977 Database Concepts/Architecture Univac Education Centre
1977 UNIS/90 MDP Workshop Univac Education Centre
1978 UNIS/90 Inventory Architecture Univac Education Centre
1979 Basic Systems Analysis Association Systems Management
1980 UTS-400 Concepts & Operations Sperry/Univac Education
1980 OS/3 Icam Install and Support Sperry/Univac Education
1984 DOS/VSE JCL Coding (S3251) I.B.M.
1984 VSAM/AMS Workshop (S2018) I.B.M.
1984 CICS/VS Command Level Coding (S1970) I.B.M.
1984 SSX/VSE Implementation (S261U) I.B.M.
1984 VSE Post Installation Workshop (S4107) I.B.M.
1985 VSE System Advanced Topics (A3600) I.B.M.
1985 Mod 400 Concepts & Utilization (H402) Honeywell
1985 Mod 400 Implementation (H420) Honeywell
1985 Cad/Cam Centre-Its role in the company A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1985 Statistical Process Control A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1985 Working With People Humber College
1985 Computer Hardware Certified Data Processor
1985 Computer Programming/Software Certified Data Processor
1985 Principles of Management Certified Data Processor
1986 Systems Certified Data Processor
1986 Audio Response Technology A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1986 E.D.S. today A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1986 Commitment & Motivation A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1986 Improving Managerial Skills Canadian Management Centre
1986 Using Advanced Lotus 1-2-3 Canadian Management Centre
1986 Using Lotus in Business Applications Canadian Management Centre
1986 Assertiveness Training for Professionals Careertrack, Inc.
1986 Financial Management School I I.B.M.
1986 Introduction to Cad/Cam Technology Ontario Centre Advanced Manufacturing
1987 Cad/Cam Demo A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1987 New Customs Clearance System A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1987 System/38 Application Programming I.B.M.
1987 System/38 Fundamentals I.B.M.
1987 System/38 Implementation Topics I.B.M.
1987 System/38 Workshop I.B.M.
1987 System/38 Technical Conference Indal Aluminum Gulfport
1988 Everything You Wanted To Know A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1988 Desktop Publishing A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1988 Individual Income Tax Program Informatrix 2000
1988 S/38 Technical Conference I.B.M.
1988 Info Network A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1988 High Tech Show High Tech Magazine
1988 System 3X Show and Conference System 3X Magazine
1988 AIAG Auto Tech 1988 Automotive Industry (AIAG)
1989 Shop Floor Data Collection & CIM BPCS User Group
1989 Disaster Recovery Planning S/38 Users Group
1989 Leadership - Successful Management A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1989 A Case Symposium A.S.M. Great Lakes System Seminar 1989
1989 S/38 & AS/400 Release Update BPCS User Group
1989 Networking Concepts Seminar TKM Communications Inc.
1989 AS/400 S/38 Technical Conference I.B.M.
1989 AIAG Auto Tech 1989 Automotive Industry (AIAG)
1989 Methods and Applications Certified Data Processor
1989 Contracting For Computers The Canadian Institute
1989 CCCC Church Treasurers Seminar Cdn Council of Christian Charities
1989 Canadian Computer Show Toronto Canadian Computer Show
1989 The Canadian High Technology Show High Tech Magazine
1989 S/38 Application Design Workshop I.B.M.
1989 Graphics Trade Show Industry Graphic Trade Show 89
1989 C.A.S.E. Technology In Transition A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1989 PS/2 Applications For Now & 90's I.B.M.
1990 Synon/2E A CASE Tool For The S/38 I.B.M.
1990 Time Management - Success Seekers A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1990 Qly Data Processing Mgr's Update I.B.M.
1990 Intermec Bar-code Symposium Intermec Users Group
1990 Damaged Disk File & Data Recovery American Institute
1990 Developing Management Personnel I.B.M.
1990 Troubleshooting, Maint & Repair American Institute
1990 Novell: Netware Service & Support Compuserve
1990 Novell: System Manager Course Compuserve
1990 AS/400 Enhancements Update I.B.M.
1990 Risc System/6000 Family A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1990 System 3X Show and Conference System 3X Magazine
1990 Value Added Reseller & Dealer Expo Reed Exhibitions
1990 AS/400 Office, Fax, Image Writedata Systems
1990 G.S.T. A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1990 Achieving CIM I.B.M.
1990 Telephony Tuesdays T.K.M. Communications
1990 AS/400 Advanced Communications Net T.K.M. Communications
1991 LAN Management A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1991 Image Processing A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1991 The Systems Scene A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1991 Intermec Bar-code Symposium Intermec Users Group
1991 Announcement Meeting 24-Apr-91 I.B.M.
1991 Software World Digital Consulting Inc.
1991 Value Added Reseller & Dealer Expo Reed Exhibitions
1991 The Spring 1991 Software Showcase Software City
1991 Windows & OS/2 Conference-Boston CM Ventures Inc.
1991 Looking For PC Solutions A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
1991 NetCon '91 Trade Show & Conference Plesman Publications
1991 COMDEX/FALL '91 Interface Group - Nevada
1991 CCCC Church Treasurers Seminar Cdn Council of Christian Charities
1991 Compaq's Technology A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
8-Jan-92 Inside Windows Mastering Computers Inc.
9-Jan-92 Bar Code Data Collection Intermec
13-Feb-92 Networld 92 - Boston Networld
26-Feb-92 Connect AS/400 to Novell PC LAN Computer Data, Inc.
3-Mar-92 Client/Server Forum Roadshow Oracle Corporation Can.
24-Apr-92 Intermec Bar-code Symposium Intermec Users Group
29-Apr-92 Employee Purchase Program I.B.M. Canada Ltd.
5-May-92 Software Showcase - Toronto Software City
5-May-92 National Business Show-Toronto Connelly Bus. Exhibits
15-May-92 Future Three User Conference Future Three Software
21-May-92 AS/400 Technical Conference I.B.M.
27-May-92 Vroute Express Unitel Communications
3-Jun-92 LANSA Seminar Insight Business Consultants
9-Jun-92 Harvard Graphics Seminar SPC Software Publishing
9-Jun-92 Dial-In/Dial-Out Seminar Novell/Microdyne
18-Jun-92 Value Added Reseller/Dealer Expo Reed Exhibitions
18-Jun-92 Baby 4XX Products California Software Products
19-Jun-92 Creating Value for Customers I.B.M. - Kitchener
29-Jul-92 PC/Canada-LAN Expo'92 The Interface Group
30-Jul-92 Bottomline Exhibition Office Systems Magazine
5-Aug-92 Downsizing Seminar Compaq, C.S.P.I., JWP
19-Aug-92 Windows & OS/2 Conf.-Boston CM Ventures Inc.
10-Sep-92 AS/400 Midrange Expo National Productions Inc.
17-Sep-92 TKM & SSA Software Support BPCS User Group-Ontario
19-Sep-92 Downsizing Expo Canada Digital Consulting Inc.
22-Sep-92 Downsizing E.I.S. Seminar Microsoft Canada Inc.
30-Sep-92 NetCon '92 Plesman Publications
16-Nov-92 Comdex/Fall 1992-Las Vegas Interface Group
20-Jan-93 Re-engineering The Business Digital & Cdn Mftg. Assoc.
21-Jan-93 How To Write User Friendly Computer Instructions Dun & Bradstreet
16-Feb-93 Open Systems (IBM & Sunsoft) A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
13-Apr-93 Windows on Netware Data-Tech Institute
18-Apr-93 1993 Users Conference Epic Data Users Group
28-Apr-93 Spring Software Showcases Software City
4-May-93 Software World/Client Server Digital Consulting Inc.
6-May-93 Vardex 1993 Reed Exhibition Companies
19-May-93 User Group Conference Future Three User Group
29-Jun-93 OS/2 2.1 Announcement I.B.M. Canada
13-Jul-93 COMDEX Canada '93 The Interface Group
21-Jul-93 The BottomLine Exhibition '93 Reed Exhibition Companies
21-Jul-93 Lotus 123 Release 4 for Windows Lotus Corporation
26-Jul-93 AS/400 Technical Conference Skill Dynamics
7-Sep-93 AS/400 Product Update I.B.M. Canada
12-Sep-93 SSA International Client Forum System Software Associates
5-Oct-93 Networld '93-Dallas Bruno Blenheim Inc.
21-Oct-93 Client/Server-Symphony of Solutions I.B.M. U.S. Ltd
26-Oct-93 Midrange Expo - Toronto Midrange Systems
29-Nov-93 Superbase "Quickstart" End-User Software Publishing Corp.
30-Nov-93 100 MBPS to the Desktop SHL Systemhouse
6-Dec-93 Client/Server Computing I.B.M. Canada
6-Dec-93 Workgroup Computing I.B.M. Canada
17-Dec-93 SSA Product update S.S.A. Ontario Corp.
25-Jan-94 Accelerated CNE Seminar Orion Networking Inc.
10-Feb-94 1993 Personal Taxprep III Bragonier & Associates
11-Feb-94 1993 Personal Taxprep E-File Bragonier & Associates
21-Mar-94 COMMON 1994 Conference - Anaheim COMMON
6-Apr-94 Information At Your Fingertips Connectivity Plus
14-Apr-94 Heart Saver Plus (B) Heart & Stroke Foundation
14-Apr-94 Standard First Aid Second Chance CPR
4-May-94 Networld+Interop 94-Las Vegas Interop Company
17-May-94 Client/Server At Work-Toronto PeopleSoft Inc.
18-May-94 VARDEX - 1994-Toronto Reed Exhibition Companies
19-May-94 PowerBuilder Demo Day-Toronto Powersoft Corporation
14-Sep-94 Lotus Notes Solution Conference Lotus Canada
15-Sep-94 Lotus Smartsuite 3.0 Seminar Lotus Canada
23-Oct-94 E-Mail World 7 Client Server Digital Consulting Inc.
27-Oct-94 Planning Tomorrow's Network Today Chipcom
14-Nov-94 Comdex Fall 1994-Las Vegas Interface Group
14-Dec-94 DataMyte Data Collection Rockwell Automation
10-Jan-95 Internet & Freenet A.S.M. Sun Parlour Chapter
22-Jan-95 Lotusphere '95 - Orlando Lotus Development Corp.
7-Feb-95 Lotus Notes 3.0 End User Productivity Point
13-Feb-95 Client Access/400 I.B.M. Canada
20-Feb-95 Lotus Notes 3.0 Applic Develop 1 Productivity Point
15-Mar-95 ACE-Integrating Visual Basic & the AS/400 Insight Business Consultants
27-Mar-95 Networld + Interop 95 - Las Vegas Interop Company
2-Apr-95 COMMON 1995 Conference - Las Vegas COMMON
2-May-95 AS/400 Application Development & Data Mgmt I.B.M. Canada
4-May-95 AS/400 Application Development Tools I.B.M. Canada
17-May-95 Vardex/Interact - Toronto 95 Reed Exhibition Companies
5-Jun-95 AS/400 Client Server Applications Planning I.B.M. Canada
14-Jun-95 Windows 95 World Tour Microsoft Canada
21-Jun-95 Summer Kickoff I.B.M. Canada
27-Jun-95 AS/400 Announcement I.B.M. Canada
25-Sep-95 Managing Multiple Projects,Objectives,Deadlines SkillPath Seminars
28-Sep-95 Lotus - IBM Symposium Lotus, IBM
10-Oct-95 Interconnecting LAN's or WAN's Sun Parlour Chapter
26-Oct-95 QS-9000 Seminar Entela
13-Nov-95 Comdex/Fall'95 Softbank Comdex
21-Jan-96 Lotusphere '96 - Orlando Lotus Development Corp.
12-Feb-96 Novell Netware Administration - 520 Ingram Micro
26-Feb-96 Accessing The Internet Data-Tech Institute
14-Mar-96 Compaq Server Non-Disclosure Seminar Xerox
16-Apr-96 Telecommuting In Canada Allan Crawford Associates
29-Apr-96 AS/400 Technical Conference Toronto Users Group
15-May-96 Spectrum Vision '96 Software Spectrum
11-Jun-96 Networked Computing & The Internet IBM
21-Aug-96 Networking '96 - Toronto Novell Canada Ltd.
11-Sep-96 Netcon '96 - Toronto Plesman Expositions
17-Sep-96 Robot 7.0 and More Help Systems
24-Sep-96 IBM Solutions Fair - Toronto IBM Canada Ltd.
08-Oct-96 Intranet/Autolinx ASM Sunparlour Chapter
31-Oct-96 How To Think Outside The Box Skillpath Seminars
04-Nov-96 Windows & AS/400 Roger Pence's
08-Nov-96 Conflict Resolution & Confrontation Skills CareerTrack Inc.
12-Nov-96 Lotus Domino Seminar Lotus Canada
12-Nov-96 Mobile Business Recovery Center ASM Sun Parlour Chapter
03-Dec-96 Corporate Solutions Briefing Microsoft Canada
04-Dec-96 Management Problems of the Technical Person Fred Pryor Seminars
16-Dec-96 Lotus Notes Boot Camp Unitive
26-Jan-97 Lotusphere '97 - Orlando Lotus Development Corp.
12-Feb-97 Business Recovery Services - Open House IBM Canada Ltd.
20-Feb-97 IntraNetworking Novell Canada
17-Mar-97 Supporting Windows '95 SHL Systemhouse
14-Apr-97 Netlaw '97 The Canadian Institute
6-May-97 Supply Chain EDI Requirements AIAG,Chrysler,Ford,GM
2-Jun-97 Introduction To Lotus Script 4.5 Microage-Kitchener
1-Jul-97 Year 2000 Executive Briefings AIAG,Chrysler,Ford,GM
23-Jul-97 Lotus Domino Best Practices DCI
3-Sep-97 IBM AS/400 Discovery Tour IBM Canada Ltd.
4-Sep-97 Lotus Symposium - Toronto Lotus Canada
16-Sep-97 IBM Countdown To Success - Windsor IBM Canada Ltd.
21-Sep-97 COMMON 1997 Conference - San Antonio COMMON
30-Sep-97 E-Business Forum Using Internet for Business IBM Canada Ltd.
17-Nov-97 COMDEX - Las Vegas SoftBank Comdex
25-Jan-98 Lotusphere '98 - Orlando Lotus Development Corp.
04-Feb-98 Internet World - Toronto InternetWorld
10-Feb-98 E-Commerce Business in the Web CIPS & IBM Canada
18-Feb-98 Lotus Notes Pump Basic Partners Computer Sys
30-Mar-98 Visual Manufacturing Seminar Shop 9000 Sales Inc.
4-May-98 Interop & Networld '98 - Las Vegas Ziff Davis
3-Jun-98 G.M. - EDIFACT General Motors
24-Jun-98 ETQ Integrated Management System Fritz & Company Inc.
17-Aug-98 ANX Basic 101 - Detroit A.I.A.G.
19-Aug-98 ANX Advanced 201 - Detroit A.I.A.G.
14-Sep-98 Year 2000-Identification & Resolutions CIPS Sun Parlour
16-Sep-98 MS Access 97 Introduction - Toronto IKON Office Solutions
17-Sep-98 Microsoft Briefing - Toronto Microsoft Canada
24-Sep-98 Netware 5 - Now Starts Here - London Novell Canada
29-Sep-98 Computer Technology Solutions Society of Manufacturing Engineers
30-Sep-98 EDI AutoChain Requirements Chrysler Corporation
06-Oct-98 IBM Blue Tour - Windsor IBM Canada
16-Oct-98 MS Access 97 Intermediate - Toronto IKON Office Solutions
28-Oct-98 Chrysler CATIA Directions/Enhancements INCAT Solutions
04-Nov-98 Network Security Summit - Toronto Institute for Int’l Research
11-Nov-98 Netcon & Internet Enterprise Solutions- Toronto Plesman Exhibitions
11-Dec-98 The Masters Workshop Lotus
17-Jan-99 IBM Global Supply Chain Executive Conference - Orlando IBM
02-Feb-99 Internet World Canada ’99 - Toronto Mecklermedia
22-Feb-99 The View 1999 Advanced Domino Development Seminar The View
7-Mar-99 COMMON 1999 Conference - San Francisco COMMON
12-Apr-99 Netlaw ’99 - Toronto, ON The Canadian Institute
14-Apr-99 enVision - Kitchener, ON MicroAge Canada
20-Apr-99 ANX Public Forum A.I.A.G.
21-Apr-99 Y2K Contingency Planning-Detroit A.I.A.G.
27-Apr-99 Millennium Momentum-Windsor IBM Canada
11-May-99 Networld + Interop ‘99 - Las Vegas Ziff Davis
31-Aug-99 Auto-Tech 99 - Detroit A.I.A.G.
28-Sep-99 IBM Find Your Way IBM, INCAT
16-Jan-00 Lotusphere 2000 - Orlando Lotus
07-Feb-00 Help Systems Conference-San Antonio Help Systems
12-Mar-00 COMMON 2000 Conference - San Diego COMMON
04-Apr-00 Microsoft Big Day Microsoft Canada
05-Apr-00 Windows 2000 The Budd Company
14-Apr-00 Personal Law Skill Path Seminars
02-May-00 Networld + Interop ‘2000-Las Vegas Ziff Davis
15-May-00 ITAM User Conference – Troy MI The Budd Company
28-May-00 Informatics 2000 – Toronto C.I.P.S.
20-Jun-00 Microsoft Excel Computer Ease
21-Jun-00 Microsoft Word Computer Ease
23-Jun-00 Microsoft Power Point & Outlook Computer Ease
11-Jul-00 Microsoft Outlook Computer Ease
10-Aug-00 Non-Production Procurement Workshop Ford USA
08-Sep-00 Non-Production Procurement Workshop Ford USA
12-Sep-00 Auto-Tech 2000 – Detroit A.I.A.G.
28-Sep-00 Non-Production Procurement Workshop Ford USA
04-Dec-00 Budd-IT Administrators Meeting Budd Company
14-Jan-01 Lotusphere 2001 - Orlando Lotus
27-Mar-01 Visual Manufacturing - Windsor Lilly Software Associates
29-Mar-01 IBM Server xSeries event - Detroit IBM
02-May-01 IBM Server pSeries event - Windsor IBM
07-May-01 IBM Wireless Tour - Windsor IBM
08-May-01 Visual Manufacturing - Windsor Lilly Software Associates
13-Jun-01 Tivoli event - Windsor IBM
19-Jul-01 Internet Traffic Management-Windsor Attache Group & Radware
13-Sep-01 Enterprise Security Briefing-Windsor Attache Group & Symantec & Harrison Pensa LLP
30-Oct-01 e-business In Action IBM
01-Nov-01 Thin-Client Technology Solutions Attache Group & Citrix Canada
06-Nov-01 IBM Next Generation Tour IBM
04-Dec-01 Novell One Net Overview Attache Group & Novell
27-Jan-02 Lotusphere 2002 – Orlando, FL Lotus
14-Apr-02 IBM-COMMON Conference–Nashville, TN COMMON
09-May-02 Security Breakfast Seminar – Windsor, ON Protek & Cisco Systems
13-May-02 TKUSA IT Conference – Troy, MI TKUSA
30-Sep-02 Data Management vs Hardware Administration: SANs in 2002 – Windsor, ON Charon Systems
01-Oct-02 Solutions Showcase – Windsor, ON IBM Canada
05-Dec-02 TechNet Fall Tour 2002: Microsoft Security Technologies-Toronto Microsoft Canada
26-Jan-03 Lotusphere 2003 – Orlando, FL Lotus
4-Mar-03 IBM eServer iSeries Event – Windsor, ON IBM Canada
30-Jun-03 TK E-Business & IT – Dearborn, MI ThyssenKrupp USA
3-Nov-03 How To Cut Costs with IBM e-server i-Series – Cambridge, ON IBM Canada
5-Nov-03 IBM Lotus Workplace Launch - Toronto, ON IBM Lotus Canada
18-Feb-04 IBM iSeries Technical Symposium IBM – Rochester, MN
20-May-04 IBM Simplify Your Life IBM – Windsor, ON
28-Sep-04 Lotus Notes User Group DLI Domino User Group
13-Oct-04 Connect With The Experts-BlackBerry Technical Series BlackBerry – Toronto, ON
17-Oct-04 IBM COMMON Conference – Toronto, ON COMMON User Group
11-Nov-04 Citrix-Access The On-Demand Enterprise-Windsor, ON Next Dimension
10-Dec-04 IBM SmartTeam Presentation IBM Smarteam
22-Mar-05 Lotus Notes User Group DLI Domino User Group
26-Apr-05 IBM X3celerate Your World Roadshow IBM Canada
28-Apr-05 SAP System Training MFSP Inc.
10-May-05 Budd Annual ITAM Meeting ThyssenKrupp Budd
12-May-05 Security Expo 2005 Analysts International
19-May-05 Metafore Total Print Management Metafore & HP
24-Jun-05 SAP User Group Meeting ASUG Ohio
9-Aug-05 DominoFest August 9, 2005 Detroit Notes Professionals
23-Aug-05 IT Forum Of The Americas ThyssenKrupp USA
15-Feb-06 Microsoft Systems Management Solutions Metafore & Microsoft
23-Feb-06 IBM System i5 Canadian ‘i’See Roadshow IBM Canada
02-May-06 DominoFest Spring 2006 - Southfield, MI - Detroit Notes Professionals
09-May-06 Domino Comes to Windsor - IBM Canada
11-May-06 DocLogic Demo - Decisions Labs Inc.
15-Jun-06 DocLogic Review - Decisions Labs Inc.
21-Jun-06 Innovations In Document Productivity Webinar - Decisions Labs Inc.
28-May-08 Lotusphere Comes To You - Windsor, ON - Castlebreck Inc.

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